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Siddha system and its importance in the modern world

Siddha Vaidyam - The come back of a medical heritage

The history of man starts with that of the Siddha as well; Siddha is the oldest yet, most relevant medical system available to mankind. Siddha medicine is now re-awakening to restore its lost glory of unfathomable wisdom, completeness in cure and unshakeable in its foundations. Siddha did not wane due to its inability in its efficacy but due to lack of experts who could handle this purest and surest of medical sciences. Siddha Vaidyam originated in south India and is deeply routed in culture there. Siddha Vaidyam is understood to have been taught first by Lord Siva to his wife Goddess Parvathy. Parvathy in turn taught it to her son Lord Muruga who then transferred this wisdom to his disciple Agasthya, who spread it amongst humans. Agatshya and his 18 disciples has been the most prominent clan of ancient time Siddhars, who perfected this art in this world. The teachings were taught in Tamil, the language of the Siddha’s. The Siddha slokams of Aadi Nool (the first scripture) goes like this:

Mangala ulakam pottum vaidyanathan thanpal
Sankari ketta saram Shanmughan thelinthu pinpal
Thanka Agathyarkku othacharthulla cheedar thannal
Ingithamake chonnar epparum Aadi Noolae

This Tamil slokam or verse unequivocally proclaims that Siddha wisdom had originated from Lord Siva himself. Siddha Vaidyam or the Siddha medical sciences is the first documented complete medical system known to human race. Strongly steeped in spirituality, Siddha vaidyam takes it power of healing from the nature itself. Medical approaches have been classified into three gana’s or classes viz. the Deva Vaidyam or the Medicine of the Gods, the Manusha vaidyam or the medicine of the humans and the Asura vaidyam or medicine of the demons. As these classes indicate, the scope of these approaches also varies. The only system that employs Deva Vaidyam to such efficacy is Siddha Vaidyam. A good example where asura vaidyam is predominantly used is modern surgical medicine. The Siddha tackles the body, mind and spirit at the same time hence was known to cure any kind of diseases, and techniques in deva vaidyam was known to replace surgeries. Siddha has a strong foundation of tens of thousands of years of clinical practice and collective wisdom of several generations of Siddhars, who dedicated their lives for research and acquisition of knowledge. Today’s Siddha physician is guided by these years of experience handed down through centuries and hence makes Siddha the most potent medical system available to mankind.

Agasthya Muni, the one who spread Siddha Vaidyam

Siddha vaidyam owes its fame to sage Agasthyaand his 18 disciples. So this section on Siddha Vaidyam will go incomplete without describing something about Agasthya muni. He is also called the aadi muni or the first Saint. It is said that when the first leaf of the first plant (It was a grass named karuka) sprouted on earth, Agatshya was there to witness it.

Henceforth each plant, each animal, each element, each mineral and each non-living thing that were created thereafter appeared to Agathya muni and explained its innate properties and medicinal values to him. This vast knowledge forms the foundation of drugs preparation in Siddha Vaidyam.

Defining Siddha Vaidyam

It would be very foolish of me to attempt to define Siddha vaidyam in a few lines, but for the sake of this introduction, I would try to describe in brief what its all about.
It is the most comprehensive and scientific system of medicine available today. Siddha vaidya classifies disease & disorders into 4448 types. Each of these diseases or disorders are believed to have 64 commonly prescribed types of remedies. Almost all diseases of the human can be diagnosed and treated by a system of naadi noel or gauging the pulses of dasa nadis (ten principal nerves) and by administering a wide repertoire of medicines comprising of more than 3,50,000 herbal formulas made commonly from around 4,000 plants and another 2000 rare plants used on rare situations. Apart from this, siddha vaidyam dealt with 11metals, 64 pashanam’s (mercurial & non-mercurial), 120 uprasams (salts and other minerals) and animal products in preparing medicines. Altogether they gave rise to 32 types of internal medicines and 32 external medicines giving an extra curing edge to Siddha system. Panchabhoota and Thridosha theories had been first propounded by ancient Siddhars. The Siddhars fully developed Marma Sasthra (science of vital points) and is one of the unique features of this amazing medical system. Siddha system always tries to treat the patient, not the disease and hence treatments for the same disease may vary from individual to individual. This sea of medical knowledge has been documented in ten thousands of plam-leaf scriptures written in Tamil can be found today and forms the foundation and reference for this system of medicine. Some e.g. of these manuscripts include Naramamisa Nool- 4000, Panchavitha Pathivadangal, Marmasoothiram, Siddha Vaidya Thirattu, Oosi Mukam - 300, Agasthyar Paripoornam, Adukkunilai Bodham, Amrithakalai, Njanam, Bogar 7000 etc are just the tip of the ice berg.


Modern Siddha Vaidyam


Siddha vaidyam due to its complexity and vastness could only be learned by people with strong determination, devotion and dedication to this system of medicine. It can be seen that either Siddha vaidyam transformed an aspirant to its level or a highly transformed aspirant went for Siddha knowledge. Either way the resulting standards were high ensuring good lineage of physicians. Today due to the lack of good students as well as teachers, Siddha vaidyam has remained confined to a few traditional Siddha families in Tamilnadu and Kerala (two states in south-India). The Aryan invasion of India and their bad intends has forced many families to hide their manuscripts and in the process many good texts have disappeared altogether. There is a rising interest in the medical fraternity, both promoting and negative, in the Siddha’s ability of miraculous cure to almost all diseases. Irrespective of whether another medical system is challenged by the rise of the Siddha system of medicine or not, there is a constant effort to revive this medicine for the sake of mankind. The need of the day is to restore the lost glory of the Siddha medicine by bringing back the merger of energy medicine and herbal as envisaged by the 18 Siddhars. This would facilitate the healing of the body, mind and spirit together in its wholeness and shall restore the ways of the Siddha. Though in India, since ancient time the herbs and medicines formed the heritage, still India account for a low percentage of the world market. The total global herbal market is of size 62 billion dollars. The current Market size for Siddha is approximately Rs 3505 crores (US$ 814 million) which is 84% of the holistic medicine market share. These figures indicate the rising global acceptance of Siddha herbal formulations and show a promising future for Siddha in the coming years. Agasthyar and his system of medicine even though steeped in myths and mysteries in its ability of miraculous healing, we may find the ourselves oscillating between disbelief and awe when suddenly opened to the way of the Siddha’s. This initial response is short lived when we understand that the Siddha’s techniques are highly scientific, effective and sure, leaving us in pure admiration and faith! Being born in a country that also excels in Ayurveda , Unani and homeopathy, and as a student of traditional Siddha vaidyam yes, I can verily vouch that Siddha Vaidyam is a vast ocean of scientific knowledge and every drop of it is divine and true.
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