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About Siddha Applied Science Institute (SASI)

Siddha Applied Science Institute (SASI) was founded by Sri. Pranaji of Pranashakty International to promote the ancient science of Siddha (Siddha Vaidyam). Sri. Pranaji, comes from a spiritual lineage that has deep roots in Siddha sciences. It is his aim to promote the ancient science of the Siddha’s in a way that’s applicable to the present day world. Science has changed drastically over the years, with many alternative medicines being rediscovered as highly beneficial to people. There has been little efforts to convert Siddha medicine, the oldest of all medical systems into applications that are useful for the present generation. Siddha medine is considered one of the most practical approaches in treatment. Ayurveda is considered to be an offshoot of this amazing filed of applied medicine. SASI is focused on converging Siddha system of medicine, alchemy and spiritual sciences into a common platform to provide highly effective wellness solutions. In this view SASI has entered into applied research that will lead to development of new herbal drug formulations based on ancient Siddha texts many of them which are still unknown to mankind.

Siddha Applied Science Institute (SASI) acts as a research wing of Pranashakty International. SASI's research is focussed on delivering completely new wellness solutions that are based on spiritual concepts. We are the pioneers in herbal formulations and therapies enhanced with cosmic energy. During the age of the Siddha's, medicines were prepared complying to many energy concepts. Utmost care was taken to preserve the true nature and healing vibration of the medicinal component. in preparation Today due to rapid commercialisation and loss of knowledge pertaining to energy preservation,  modern herbal formulations and therapies carry less than 40% of the real healing property. This has over the years dulled the image of traditional medicine. In olden days, much stress was placed on promoting wellness and  longevity. There were many practices and medicines that were prescribed for a healthy lifestyle. SASI's research combine Cosmic energy, the source of everything in this universe, to augment the healing properties of various herbal fromulation to increase the speed in which results are achieved. Our products and therapies are several times, faster, safer and potent compared to other existing coventional methods for wellness.

SASI derives its science of cosmic energy enhancement from the teachings and ancient literature  given by Saints who lived in South India centuries before. These saints fall in the Siddha lineage and are popularly know as the Siddhars, the propounders of Siddha system of medicine. Siddhars mastered the art of rejuvenating body, mind and spirit through extremely fast and effective methods based on Cosmic Energy and herbal formulations. Historical data shows that Siddhars could prolong their lives for more than 1000 years by combining medicine and spiritual practices, the secrets of which, they shared with mankind through priceless commentaries and scriptures. Siddha's had profound knowledge about each and every plant and minerals present on earth and combined them to such miraculous effects to generate many wonder drugs and formulations. Eventhough the Siddha's developed these for the good of mankind, many of these were kept closely guraded secrets by descendant practitioners of the art. Some of these secrets were lost from the world and some were kept secret due to the lack of sufficient instructors who can understand and handle these wisdom in a proper way.

Today, SASI, through many years of hard work and research has reached a stage where these technques could be used for developing new wellness solutions for the betterment of man kind. SASI's new education initiative is its attempt to cultivate a new line of Siddha practitioners who will be able to understand both medicine and energy part of Siddha medicine. Through SASI, the Pranashakty Team not only delivers herbal formulations, but also therapies that are fully based on cosmic energy.

Some of our core focus research areas in wellness are:

  • Women health care
  • Men vitality
  • Stress reduction
  • Cancer prevention
  • General immune enhancement

Some of our research ouputs are

  • Cosmic Energy based herbal formulations that capture the real energy of a herb in to the packaged medicine. This enhances the speed of healing and the person gets faster results because energy content is much denser than what a normal living plant has.
  • Inner beauty system that can replace all chemical based beauty products with purely cosmic energy based therapies. These practices not only help in generating beauty and eliminating side effects but also are body rejuvenators, healing methods that can balance hormone levels and emotional factors. All these results can be achieved with the same amount of time that a person spends for using a beauty product�! Click here to read more
  • Inner Power System: A new fitness and self defence system based on our findings about Aayam energy, a protective energy that is generated in our human  energy system. Aayam has been proven to protect you from physical, emotional and  metaphysical attacks and it works even without any conscious efforts from your side. Aayam can also slow down your aging process and establishe a continuous process of body rejuvenatio. Some kayakalpa products are under testing using this wonderful energy.
  • Spiritual Practices for Pranashakty International are also researched under SASI.
  • Training the world in Siddha Vaidyam, the herbal treatment method given to the world by ancient Siddhars. Our vision is to create Siddha practitioners who can see energy, body and mind so that they can treat a patient with complete understanding about the root of the problem.